Who am I? I like to think of myself as Dharma Bum, a seeker of truth. It makes me sound so “spiritual and devotional”. Ha! I’m not. I started this blog after marrying my partner of several years and a growing awareness of the fragility and shortness of life. We only get one chance at this life, so we made the bold decision for me to resign from my job as an Associate & Clinical Director for a nonprofit organization serving women, and my retired partner and I took several months to explore and experience the great outdoors and our interior lives. Scary stuff…..giving up the security of a well paying job, leaving behind friends and family, and stepping out into the unknown. Finding this balance between security and our insatiable thirst for freedom and adventure is something Chris and I have talked about for years. Yes, though newly married, we’ve been work partners, best of friends, lovers, and now husband and wife. Between the two of us we have four grown children and for now, three grandsons. It took us many years to commit to marriage, so you may add to our self description about ‘us’, that we’re a bit commitment phobic. I lean towards security and Chris has always leaned towards freedom and adventure. We struggle sometimes to find the right balance. We took a leap of faith to give up the financial security of my job and for awhile explored the great outdoors, living simply and with more awareness and appreciation for each precious moment. Back in the comforts of our home and into the daily work routine, our journey continues, for it truly is an inner journey. I look forward to sharing thoughts and insights with you to help strengthen our resolve to know LIFE as we practice mindfulness and gain a depth and breadth of deeper understanding and appreciation of this one life that we live.


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